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An exclusive realisation of combined craftsmanship and artistry.

Designed by Poiat Studio in collaboration with the designer and master cabinet maker Antrei Hartikainen, Fiori epitomises the appreciation of natural materials and the utility of beauty. The tables are available in three sizes and two different heights, and the smaller table also slots under the larger ones expanding how they can be used in various interiors.

To show respect for the fine woodworking, the two larger tables are available as a limited-edition piece adorned with wooden flowers. Hand carved by Antrei Hartikainen, no flower is alike, making each of them a unique piece of art.


Antrei Hartikainen & Poiat Studio

Antrei Hartikainen’s award-winning pieces, including functional products and pure artworks, achieve heights of sensuality, elegance and craftsmanship. These important factors are emphasised in Hartikainen’s work, which constantly seeks to challenge and blur the traditional categorisations of functional objects and visual arts. Hartikainen’s sculptural approach can be seen in his organic body of work, which simultaneously highlights the inspiration drawn from his material of choice, wood.


"A profound interest in the details and a strong commitment to one’s vision that together create an enduring ambience with elegance and some modern quaintness."

Poiat Studio


The origin of the word Poiat summarises both worlds of the company: a small village in the Italian Alps and a word meaning “boys” in one of the Finnish dialects. The love for Italian design aesthetics and heritage combined with the Finnish cultural tradition of collaborative working.