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Poiat founders Timo Mikkonen and Antti Rouhunkoski’s design philosophy builds upon the following principle, to base all their creations on a profound interest in the details and a strong commitment to one’s vision of elegance and modern quaintness. The origin of the word Poiat summarises both worlds of the company: a small village in the Italian Alps and a word meaning “boys” in one of the Finnish dialects. The love for Italian design aesthetics and heritage combined with the Finnish cultural tradition of collaborative working.

Poiat’s studio and showroom is located in the heart of Ullanlinna district in Helsinki, Finland, co-founder Antti Rouhunkoski’s hometown. Another very significant location is the picturesque village of creatives and artisans, Fiskars, where the co-founder Timo Mikkonen and the designer Antrei Hartikainen live and work.