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Every piece represented in the collection has been hand-selected because of its beauty in design, and manufacturers’ approach to creation. We believe knowing where a piece is from and being able to pass that on to the next generation is an important ethos that aligns with what’s been tradition in many Scandinavian homes for centuries. It’s also an ethos we’d like to see adopted worldwide.

We hope our pieces and their stories bring your home joy for many years to come.

“Founded on a fundamental dedication to being great – not only in name but in execution – Great Dane has emerged as a brand with an uncompromising emphasis on excellence.”

Anton Assaad Director of Great Dane

Great Dane History

Over the years, Great Dane has built a number of strong partnerships with celebrated Scandinavian manufacturers and designers.

Founded in 2002 by Anton Assaad, Great Dane was inspired by a love of classic Danish design and motivated by a relentless passion for fine craftsmanship.

The first incarnation of Great Dane saw Anton importing hand-picked vintage furniture from Denmark. The success of selling vintage furniture allowed Anton to seek out the late furniture maker Arne Vodder, to propose putting some designs back into production, and it was the start of an enduring friendship that lasted right up until his death in 2009. Arne Vodder would play a substantial part in turning Great Dane into the eminent curator of Scandinavian furniture and lighting it is today, but he wasn’t alone.

In the years that followed, as Great Dane transitioned from vintage reseller to fine curator of classic and contemporary wares, Anton formed further friendships with designers such as Kai Kristiansen, designer of the Kai 42 Dining Chair, and Mads Johansen, the brilliant young designer of the Johansen Table.

“I’ve been so privileged to work with design legends from all over the world. Their wonderful stories are at the core of everything we do at Great Dane and an integral part of what this business is really about. My hope is that every customer gets to experience these works of art designed to last for generations.”

Anton Assaad Director of Great Dane