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At Great Dane, we showcase a wide variety of natural materials within our collections, each material bringing personality, naturalness, and tactility to interiors.


Walnut Timber is a uniquely beautiful material with rich tones, distinctive grain patterns and a lustrous texture embodying both durability and timeless elegance.


Renowned throughout the world for its enduring beauty with encapsulated “Ammonite” fossils dating back to the Jurassic period, hence the name “Jura”. Fine lines and metallic shimmers can also be a part of the characteristic pattern.


Great Dane’s most popular natural material for furniture upholstery, McNutt is among the finest handwoven 100% wool fabric in the world. Traditionally woven using large hand looms that are handled by experienced master weavers yielding textiles of unparalleled excellence. The yarn is inspired by its surroundings of the west coast of Ireland, where wild seas, untamed heathers and rugged landscapes are part of everyday life.