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Mads Johansen was a passionate and innovative furniture designer whose work combined construction, aesthetic, Scandinavian simplicity and functionality. With his background as a cabinetmaker, Mads was able to appreciate and recognise the strengths and possibilities of every single piece of wood and his knowledge and creativity resulted in technical innovations and beautiful details throughout his entire career. Johansen simply loved to play with wood and find new construction methods; he always kept his designs simple but was known for adding a personal whimsical twist in the construction. Inspired by nature and the well built environment around him, he never compromised on the quality of materials and good cabinetmaking and paved the way for contemporary Scandinavian designers.




A table to be loved and used, the Johansen inspires a lifetime of memories.

Great Dane

Mads K. Johansen’s iconic design combines structural stability, the intricate materiality of beautifully curated wood grains, and a warm, visual and tactile appeal that evokes the delightful emotion of shared moments experienced around the table.