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Only a short 5 minute stroll through the sand dunes to the beach, our home away from home is now available to book for your next escape.

With interiors meticulously curated by Great Dane’s founder, Anton Assaad, this intimate home’s unmistakably Scandinavian layered aesthetic pays a heartfelt homage to Great Dane and its unique showroom collections.


Adorned with artfully arranged rugs, bookshelves filled with curiosities, a patinated brass bench, and throws casually scattered around the laid-back living room encircling the fireplace, any sense of formality has been replaced by a welcoming atmosphere that invites guests not only to relax but to truly make themselves at home.

"We are often asked by our clients “what is your home like?" so I feel it’s a great way for us to share how we live and how we create a home."

Anton Assaad, Great Dane Founder

Centered around an open kitchen, the downstairs seamlessly transitions from one cosy room to the next, skilfully blending classic design with contemporary details. These homely touches continue upstairs into the master bedroom and freestanding bathtub. As the exclusive Australian destination for experiencing the comfort of a Swedish-made Hästens bed, every imaginable comfort has been thoughtfully considered and meticulously arranged.


Photography by Lillie Thompson

"It serves as a unique canvas where guests are invited to truly immerse themselves in the essence of Great Dane living. Beyond being a beautiful residence, it is an extension of our meticulously curated showrooms across Australia. The house offers visitors a genuine experience of living the Great Dane way. "

Great Dane Founder, Anton Assaad


Now available for bookings through Airbnb, visit the link below to secure your next escape and feel at home with Great Dane.

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