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Born in 1950, Tom Stepp is one of the most renowned designers working in Denmark today. An architect at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, as well as a construction manager and designer, his personal expression is best described as modern functionalism. Known for his furniture for the contract market and private homes, shop concepts, light fittings, building architecture, and applied art, Stepp works with a number of exclusive, high-quality Danish and international companies. His functional design and strong craftsmanship have won several awards, including the Formland Award and the Scandinavian Furniture Award.


Tom Stepp’s ingenious design for the Prime Time Chair was inspired by his desire to create special memories with his own daughter. Aptly dubbed ‘the chair for 1.5 people’, it features a spacious swivel base that comfortably accommodates an adult and a child, making it the perfect spot for reading a book together or sharing quality bonding time.