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 The week serves as an intimate gathering with an emphasis on knowledge sharing offering a programme of talks, exhibitions, open studios and showrooms. Great Dane was on the ground and shares our top highlights from the week…



Svensk Tenn

Interior design company with a webshop and a store located on Strandvägen in Stockholm founded in 1924 by Estrid Ericson. Since 1928, the company has been appointed as a royal warrant and today, the company is owned by the Kjell and Märta Beijer Foundation and all profit generated is donated to research.

For this years Stockholm Design Week, Svensk Tenn present EKTA – Daniel Götesson’s tag – it’s been his artist signature in the graffiti world since the mid-1990s. In this autumn’s exhibition EKTA’s pure and abstract design comes together with Svenskt Tenn’s timeless interior design philosophy in a contemporary tribute to Josef Frank’s upholstered furniture.

Artist | Daniel Götesson

EKTA’s work is characterised by a willingness to take bold risks and explore new materials and imagery.

“A playful investigation and exploration of materials. Ideas that are born through continuous work and flow. Through risk-taking and mistakes.”

Svenskt Tenn

New Upholstery Arrivals

Svensk Tenn launched a new linen and Sahco upholstery pictured here on Josef Frank’s armchair 789.

Fresh flower installation

Gemla Fabrikers

Ever since its inception in 1861, Sweden’s oldest furniture maker Gemla has been perfecting the art of taming wood and shaping it into beautiful chairs.


Image courtesy of Gemla Fabrikers


Gemla Fabrikers celebrated 75 years of SUNFEATHER designed by Sonna Rosén in 1948. Originally designed as a chair for the elderly, its remarkable design immediately became recognisable and in 1952 was awarded with “Good Design” by MoMa in New York and has ever since been included in their collection. Crafted from solid beech and upholstered with horse hair, certified wool or vegetable tanned leather.


A meeting place for art, handcrafted and crafted objects

Sunfeather, 1952

Gemla Fabrikers


Genuine handcrafted leather since 1896. The essence of Palmgrens has always been functional products in classic designs with luxury detailing for the quality conscious consumer.


Image courtesy of Palmgrens

Palmgrens presented ‘The Champagne Hiking Bag’ – a meeting between three Swedish artisans and a unique fusion between their chosen materials: Leather, glass & champagne, where nature acts as a frame and engages all the senses. The bag is designed to carry your bottle of choice, together with the four crystal glasses designed by Richard Juhlin, made by Reijmyre’s experienced glassmiths

Palmgrens Leather Boxes

Champagne Hiking Bag

A global journey of champagne discovery, inspired by renowned champagne expert Richard Juhlin’s quest for new champagne experiences amidst diverse settings.

Reijmyre Glassworks

Founded in 1810, Reijmyre crafts high-quality handmade glassware from Sweden’s most reputable designers.

Image courtesy of Reijmyre

Reijmyre Glasbruk presented ‘The set table’ by creative studio Ray Atelier – a twist on the traditional Swedish cryafish party and toast to Swedish craftsmanship, Swedish designers and traditions. Featuring designs by Jonas Bohlin, Thomas Sandell and MaxJenny, the exhibition paid tribute to Stockholm which is the gastronomic capital of 2023.

Jonas Bohlin

Sweden’s foremost designer whose work has garnered countless awards and has been exhibited around the world