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Gemla Open Lounge Chair

Samuel Wilkinson 2022

Samuel Wilkinson has challenged the technique of steam bending to it’s maximum in this sculptural lounge chair.

With the Gemla Open, Samuel Wilkinson has combined the traditional techniques of steam bending and paper cord weaving into a contemporary expression, with a flirtation to Gemla’s history of making the tennis racket during the 1930s-1960s.

The chair is made of solid ash and the back consists of a single 300cm long rod that is steam-bent by hand to its undulating shape. The decorative back of the hand-braided paper cord offers soft and flexible comfort with high durability.

The ingenious structure allows it to be easily renewed for new life cycles in the future. The seat is built in a resilient construction with generous padding of natural horsehair and wool, where the well-balanced lumbar cushion filled with wool provides additional softness and comfort.




Samuel Wilkinson

Samuel’s commitment to designing interesting objects is apparent in his work, always looking to add a fresh approach in either form or function. His deep understanding of materials and manufacturing helps him to push toward the boundaries whilst still achieving a high level of detail and craftsmanship.



After cutting and steaming the wood for between six and twelve hours, the shape of the wood comes alive, through hand bending and using custom frames. A craft requiring experience, patience and strong hands.