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Vilda 5 Chair

Jonas Bohlin 2012

It’s hard not to become enchanted by the bends and turns of the wood, each curve hinting at hours of slow dedicated work.

A certain whimsy pervades the Gemla range. For us, the Gemla aesthetic speaks to the natural wonder of the Swedish countryside. It’s no surprise that Småland is also the birthplace of playful and unpredictable Pippi Longstocking! The seemingly infinite forests of Småland also inspired illustrator John Bauer to create an anthology of Swedish folklore and fairy tales.

Vilda combines the purest forms of bent wood with a contemporary expression, meeting vegetable tanned leather. The solid bent wood makes Vilda very strong, while staying light and comfortable, and the chair is praised worldwide for its unique design and elevating the dining experience. A close and longtime collaborator, Great Dane and Gemla work together to bring the best of modern Swedish design to Australian homes.


Jonas Bohlin

Jonas Bohlin revolutionized the Swedish furniture industry at the beginning of the 80s. Today he is one of the most appreciated Swedish designers and interior architects.



After cutting and steaming the wood for between six and twelve hours, the shape of the wood comes alive, through hand bending and using custom frames. A craft requiring experience, patience and strong hands.