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Johansen Oval Table

Mads K. Johansen 2014

A table to be loved and used, the Johansen inspires a lifetime of memories.

Mads K. Johansen’s iconic design combines structural stability, the intricate materiality of meticulously curated wood grains, and a warm visual and tactile appeal that evokes the delightful emotion of shared moments experienced around the table. His obsession with suspension bridges and engineering was the inspiration behind the table, which he designed as part of his final year apprenticeship.

Careful consideration is given to every plank of wood selected in its creation to ensure a seamless flow of grain. Master craftsman Erik Skovgaard – who proudly possesses a silver medal for cabinetry, awarded to only one person in Denmark each year – is responsible for this task. Erik’s attention to detail has turned the Johansen table into an icon. The curved shape of this particular Johansen provides for an unexpectedly generous amount of seating space and can be a fixed or extendable top.

Exclusive to Great Dane, we are proud to showcase the awe-inspiring craftsmanship inherent in this iconic design.


Mads K. Johansen

Mads K. Johansen was a passionate and innovative furniture designer. Johansen trained as a designer at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design and Helsinki University of Art and Design. His knowledge and creativity resulted in technical innovations and beautiful details throughout his career, giving him many international prizes and grants. Unfortunately, in 2014 he passed away after a long period of serious illness, but his furniture lives on.


"For me, it is important that the furniture is functional and harmonious."

Mads K. Johansen


The maker behind one of Great Dane’s all-time favourite design pieces – the Johansen Table – brings a unique level of attention to detail that permeates every facet of their process.