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Tiny Object 01

Studio Pneuma 2022

The Pneuma objects are created by looking into the soft, muscular expressions of the human body.

Tiny Object–01 is suitable for intimate areas in your home. Its smaller size makes it easy to move the fragrance experience around, placing it near to where you are throughout the day.

The Pneuma objects function as decorative, tactile pieces for the home and sculptural diffusers for the Pneuma room fragrances of your choice. Each object relates to the scale of a hand and the sensation of touch – evoking an understanding of our physical scale and presence.

The objects are crafted in solid stone – a natural material that stores thermal qualities, like the warmth from the sun. If you place the object in a heated area and apply it with a Pneuma room fragrance, the warmth adds movement to the evaporation of the fragrance, allowing for an enhanced experience.

Summer Collection

We uncover some of our favourite moments, rituals and pieces to capture the essence of Summer.


Studio Pneuma

A Scandinavian multidisciplinary luxury brand that explores the pivotal interactions between products, spaces, and our senses. Founded in 2019 by Diana Lindboe and Camilla Boccardi Christensen, Studio Pneuma’s creations are grounded in architecture and design, and led by the belief that good design creates emotional bonds between subject and object. Studio Pneuma develops beautifully expressed, high-end products that bring pleasure to those around them.


"The subtle feeling of the ground when walking barefoot, the touch of a warm surface being heated by the sun, or the smell of a childhood home."

Studio Pneuma

Poetics of Smell

With a foundation in architecture and design, it is with constant curiosity that Studio Pneuma develops architecture and products that bring attention and focus to feel connected to our physical surroundings through delicate sensory stimulation.