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Exclusive to Great Dane. Discover a new range of sculptural diffusing objects and room fragrances by Studio Pneuma.

The Scandinavian brand was founded in 2019 by Diana Lindboe and Camilla Boccardi Christensen and offers three different sculptural diffusing objects and room fragrance profiles led by the belief that good design creates emotional bonds between subject and object.



Sculptural diffusers. Heavy objects.

The Heavy Objects function as sculptural diffusers for the Studio Pneuma room fragrances of your choice, as well as decorative, tactile pieces for the home.


"The subtle feeling of the ground when walking barefoot, the touch of a warm surface being heated by the sun, or the smell of a childhood home. All these impressions are evoked through invisible and intangible materialities, and they stay with us as a nuanced experience of a place and a moment."


Room fragrances

Apply 2-3 drops of fragrance oil to your desired Studio Pneuma Object, and let it absorb and diffuse the fragrance in its pure form.

A cool woody oil blend of Pine, Cypress, Birch, & Oak

Drying Oak takes its form from a smell memory of entering an outhouse with damp stacks of drying oak, just when the evaporation of the morning dew takes off.

A refreshing fragrance oil blend of Geranium, Basil, and Lavender

Floating Leaf revolves around a smell memory of pulling stems out of a river and softly squashing them together.

An intimate, waxy oil blend of Jasmine, Palo Santo, Cumin and Benzoin 

Worn refers to a smell memory of being close to someone you care for, the smell they leave in a cotton garment, they have worn.