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String Pira G2 Bundle_W_B

Olle Pira 1955

The Pira shelf was designed by the Swedish architect Olle Pira for the iconic H55 design exhibition.

Now, String Furniture together with the architect Anna von Schewen and the industrial designer Björn Dahlström have created a contemporary interpretation. The Pira G2, a wall-mounted design, is versatile for both spacious homes and public spaces. Constructed with high-quality materials, its lacquered steel sheets and extruded aluminum poles ensure durability. The shelves, capable of holding up to 50kg, can be customised in white oak cabinets, bookends, and organisers for a warm contrast to the white lacquered metal.


Configuration pictured above. Stock arriving in April.

“Pira G2 meets the needs of today, yet strives to retain the brilliance of the 50’s classic. It’s relevance salutes the past.”

Björn Dahlström


Olle Pira

The original Pira shelf designed in 1954 was as contradictory as the man who conceived it. Olle Pira (1927-2018) was a traditional master cabinet-maker who crafted cherry, maple and matured oak with age-old skills. Yet he won a place at the renowned Konstfack school of art, craft and design, the birthplace of concepts ahead of their times. And became the first Swede to win a gold medal at the Triennale in Milan in 1952.


Modular, yet assembled it seems to have been built as one. As a jointless centerpiece with no joints, beginnings and ends.