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Kapten Shelf

Mia Cullin 2018

Kapten is an elegant and playful little shelf.

Designed to work as a small valet or a hatrack, this clever shelf can find its function almost anywhere. The hidden metal brackets and the strong steam-bent hooks ensure to carry a heavy load. The carefully shaped rim around the tray keeps all objects in place. Available with one, two and three wall hooks.


Mia Cullin

A deeply nourished interest in traditional craftsmanship and visually striking constructions inspires Mia Cullin’s work with interior architecture work as well as with design objects in all kind of sizes.


"Clean, straightforward and often basic geometric shapes are combined with handcraft details."

Mia Cullin


After cutting and steaming the wood for between six and twelve hours, the shape of the wood comes alive, through hand bending and using custom frames. A craft requiring experience, patience and strong hands.