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Bastone Bar Cabinet

Antrei Hartikainen 2023

The Bastone cabinet designed by Antrei Hartikainen is also available as a bar cabinet.

The partly open, partly covered exterior of the Bastone is a perfect match for a collection of fine spirits and glassware. It features meticulously designed interior spotlights, glass rack and a mirrored shelf that bring not just elegance but also practicality and convenience to the moments of savouring drinks. The Bastone Cabinet takes its name from the Italian word ‘Bastone’, meaning a wooden stick that refers to the wooden dowel rods that are integral to the cabinet’s structure.


Antrei Hartikainen

Antrei Hartikainen’s award-winning pieces, including functional products and pure artworks, achieve heights of sensuality, elegance and craftsmanship. These important factors are emphasised in Hartikainen’s work, which constantly seeks to challenge and blur the traditional categorisations of functional objects and visual arts. Hartikainen’s sculptural approach can be seen in his organic body of work, which simultaneously highlights the inspiration drawn from his material of choice, wood.