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As Australia embraces the festive season, we delve into the beauty of Finnish summer traditions in a conversation with Jenni Mikkonen of Poiat Furniture.

It is Summer here in Australia and we often find ourselves by the beach or backyard BBQ. We are curious- could you share some of your favourite Finnish Summer traditions? 

The Finnish summer can be unpredictable when it comes to weather. At times, there are summers that are quite cold and rainy, but in recent years, summers in Finland have been warm. The amount of daylight in Finland during the summer is incredible; in midsummer, the sun sets only for a few hours around midnight. It is a wonderful contrast to the dark winter, when it’s the opposite, and there is only a few hours of daylight each day. 

Personally, I love swimming in the sea or a lake and enjoying the sauna during the summer. It’s wonderful to be in nature at a cottage on an island, savoring the endless night, swimming, and sauna bathing. Overall, being outdoors and engaging in various activities is delightful when there is finally the opportunity for it! 


According to the World Happiness Survey, Finland has ranked the happiest country on earth for the past six years. In your opinion, what do you think the Finnish secret to happiness is? 

 I must say honestly that at times, my friends and I wonder about this claim that Finland is the happiest nation. When you look at Finns, we don’t seem to express our happiness as overtly as many other nationalities. There are likely many explanations for this, and I believe one reason is the sense of security; Finland is a very safe country, and people here are honest and trust each other. I also read somewhere related to this that Finns are content with relatively little, and perhaps this is why they are classified as happy. And as mentioned in a previous question, oh, the joy of warmth and light when spring arrives after a long and dark season—Finns are indeed very happy about that!



“Summer is a wonderful time to be in nature at a cottage on an island, savoring the endless night, swimming, and sauna bathing.”


  • – Jenni Mikkonen

What inspired the addition of the Bar Cabinet to the Bastone Collection? And could you tell us more about the interior highlights? 

We have noticed that the Bastone collection has inspired interior designers to use Bastone furniture for various purposes. It has been delightful to hear about the different reasons customers acquire the Bastone cabinet, whether it’s for a ceramic collection, plants, or the most beautiful objects in their homes. On several occasions, designers have specified Bastone as a bar cabinet, and this enthusiasm led us to add some key elements for a bar cabinet, such as a glass rack, a mirrored surface, and lights. 


Introducing the Bastone Bar Cabinet

Featuring a meticulously crafted interior with a glass rack and mirrored shelf—effortlessly combining elegance with practicality. These thoughtful features enhance the moments of savoring drinks, elevating the art of hosting to new heights.