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The Lantern 101 Pendant

Kaare Klint 1944

Known as Model 101, The Lantern is one of the most detailed of the Le Klint lamps.

Combining craftsmanship, technique and design, it is hard to believe that a rectangular piece of paper can be folded into a three-dimensional ball with such a beautiful and complicated structure. The artisans, colloquially referred to as the ‘pleating ladies’, are the driving force behind Le Klint’s hand-pleated paper and plastic lamp shade legacy. To become a skilled pleating technician at Le Klint takes approximately three years, when you instinctively know how to pleat and fold every design.


Kaare Klint

Kaare Klint served as an apprentice to architect Carl Petersen and his own father, P.V. Jensen-Klint, in whose footsteps he followed as architect to the Grundtvig Church.