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Møller 77 Chair

Niels O. Møller 1959

The cabinetry company, J L Møller, was founded in 1944 by Niels Otto Møller, where old craft traditions are still used today.

Defined by quality of materials and workmanship, each piece has been crafted following a proud tradition of “production without assembly lines”.

Handwoven using tightly twisted paper from one continuous 129 metre-long piece of cord, a Møller chair is instantly recognisable, designed to improve with age and easily withstand decades of frequent use. Renowned for their quality of design and skilled craftsmanship, each piece is polished by hand, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

Available exclusively in Australia with Great Dane, our longstanding relationship with Møller allows us to proudly showcase these materials and skills, ensuring their beauty continues to be passed down from one generation to the next.

Reserve Collection

With our Scandinavian artisans in high demand, 
Great Dane’s new Reserve Collection ensures an exclusive supply of our most coveted designs. These products are handcrafted after ordering.



Niels Otto Møller

Niels Otto Møller’s stubbornness in upholding exceptional craftsmanship and his brilliant execution of beautiful, timeless chair design is the reasoning behind the J.L. Møllers Møbelfabrik distinguished reputation and a leading exponent of Danish furniture’s indisputable success all over the world.


"Møller has always been a family-run company, so keeping our family legacy alive is extremely important."

Kirsten Ann Møller


At the Møller Factory all pieces are hand finished, never by machines. Dedicated craftspeople weave single lengths of paper cord to create durable, classic and beautiful iconic timber and paper cord chairs and benches.