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Jeppe Utzon Table #1

Jeppe Utzon 2015

Designed by Jeppe Utzon, grandson of famed Danish architect Jørn Utzon, in 2015, the Jeppe Utzon Table is robust yet detailed.

Its vast size (up to 300cm), allows the wood’s natural characteristics to take centre stage. Beneath a solid wood construction, a discrete steel cable minimises natural movements for added stability, while crafted details such as the small edge of the table legs and the extension leaves balance the natural heft of this remarkable piece.

Materials are sourced from the Black Forest in Germany where biodiversity and sustainable forestry have been practised for 300 years. After the tree is cut down, a new one is planted in its place. The beauty of the naked wood makes the Jeppe Utzon Table a natural gathering point in both meeting and dining rooms.

Focusing on personality, pride and sustainability, dk3’s shared values and longtime relationship with Great Dane allows us to bring its high-quality, crafted wooden furniture into homes across Australia.


Jeppe Utzon

Jeppe Utzon is a third generation architect – and fourth generation designer. As the grandson of the famous Danish architect Jørn Utzon, who created the Sydney Opera House, Jeppe Utzon continues a rich family tradition through his work in the art of architecture. He runs a design studio in the historic centre of Copenhagen.



dk3 produces furniture pieces shaped and crafted by true enthusiasts, always with the ambition to unite the finest carpentry traditions with modern and classic furniture designs.