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Austere Table Lamp

Hans Verstuyft 2015

The sleek and minimalist Austere table lamp is the ideal architectural light, part of a larger collection that includes a floor lamp, wall sconce, and various hanging lights.

The arm extending from the centre of the stem allows the structure to balance on a surface and appear as if it is floating above the floor, eliminating the need for a large base. This allows the dimmable lamp to take up minimal space on the table’s surface, creating more freedom and possibilities for workspace, home, or retail environments.


Hans Verstuyft

Hans Verstuyft founded his architecture practice in 1992. In 2016, he was commissioned by Trizo to design the Austere light, a minimalist series that put an emphasis on the beautiful materials they’re made from.


"Our inspiration is to think sober, to reduce. We see the same in fashion, dance, art. Sober works often have a strong appearance."



As designers and manufacturers, Trizio21 opt for technical perfection, quality materials and finishes. Rather than chasing impressive designs, we strive for innovative practicality. For example, Trizo21 uses solid materials such as aluminium and brass for rigid and seamless fittings that suit any interior. Just like the quality of a camera lens, the material of the fitting determines the sharpness and quality of the image. And the outcome depends on the talent of the person responsible for this, the lighting designer.