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Austere Chandelier

Hans Verstuyft 2015

The Austere series emerged from a collaborative venture between Trizo21 and architect Hans Verstuyft, embodying an innovative approach that fuses sculptural artistry with eco-conscious technology.

This harmonious fusion not only underscores Trizo21’s dedication to environmental awareness but also encourages the creation of designs that are strikingly aesthetic. You have the freedom to craft a radiant explosion of light or opt for more delicate chandeliers, imbuing spaces with an ‘Austere’ atmosphere. The careful arrangement of its diverse components yields captivating pieces that exude grandeur, ideal for enhancing the ambiance of lobbies, reception areas, or dining rooms.

Multiple configurations are available. Please contact us for more information.


Hans Verstuyft

Hans Verstuyft founded his architecture practice in 1992. In 2016, he was commissioned by Trizo to design the Austere light, a minimalist series that put an emphasis on the beautiful materials they’re made from.