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We present a range of designed furniture, lighting and home-objects. Our belief is that quality design informs a quality of life.

Environments and the objects we fill them with influence our daily experience, our mood and our outlook. From the handle on the chest of drawers we touch every morning, to the chair we melt into after a day of activity. The care taken in the design of these objects and the arrangement of them in our homes has a large impact on our life, even if incremental and gradual.

We exclusively work with the best in European design, with a selective bent to Scandinavia. From the original heavyweights; Hans Wegner, Nanna Ditzel, J.L. Møller, to the contemporary vanguard; Ilse Crawford, Norm Architects, Sofie Refer.

Curating a range that is grounded in natural materiality, form and function. Pieces that not only last a lifetime, but are designed with such depth of integrity that they are enjoyed for generations beyond.

Our Story

Over the years, Great Dane has built a number of strong partnerships with celebrated Scandinavian manufacturers and designers.