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Owners Inger and Jesper Temp, custodians of Getama's legacy, share reflections on collaborating with design luminary Hans J Wegner. Their lifetime journey in beautiful furniture inspires valuable advice – delve deeper into their perspectives and insights by reading the full interview.

Pictured above; Inger and Jesper Temp


Getama has a fascinating history, dating back to the 1880s when a young cabinetmaker named Carl Petersen, in collaboration with upholsterer P. Thorup, opened a workshop to produce seaweed mattresses. Today, in 2023, Getama is renowned for working with some of the world’s most esteemed designers. What do you believe is the key to maintaining such a long-lasting and successful business? 

It must be in line with the mantra of H.J. Wegner, Nanna Ditzel and Børge Mogensen. Creating beautiful, comfortable and long lasting furniture for everyday use. If possible at affordable prices.



Could you provide some insights into the origins of Getama’s collaboration with Hans Wegner? In the early days, did this partnership involve a truly collaborative effort in shaping the identity of Getama?

At the time when Getama started a cooperation with Wegner, most manufacturers were more specialised. Getama was known for manufacturing furniture and mattresses with springs. Alas, we were contacted by Wegner, who wanted Getama to produce chairs and sofas with springs. Later the cooperation was expanded to other products.


Pictured above; Hans J. Wegner

In 1994, when Jesper acquired Getama, what led to the decision to introduce a new designer like Nanna Ditzel, particularly with her famous designs like the Ring Chair and Vita Sofa, which are distinct from Hans Wegner’s traditional timber construction pieces?

As we wanted to expand the number of architects/ designers working with Getama, we chose to reach out to Nanna Ditzel. We knew her a little bit, and felt it would be great to include furniture from a female designer in our range.


Pictured above; Nanna Ditzel sketch of the Ring Chair 

Getama has been involved in crafting furniture for various notable clients and institutions including Danish embassies, the Danish army and the Royal Danish Playhouse Theatre in Copenhagen. Is there a specific project that holds a special place in your heart?

We have two that are very special to us. The first is The Møller Center at Churchill College in Cambridge. This Center was a gift from the Møller family. (Maersk Line). It was given to show the gratitude from Denmark towards the UK for their support during World War II. The Center was entirely furnished with Wegner furniture from Getama, PP furniture and Carl Hansen. The second project would be The Royal Danish Play House (Skuespilhuset) in Copenhagen. It’s one of the most fun and beautiful larger projects we ever made.

Drawing from your lifetime of experience living amidst the world’s most exquisite furniture, could you kindly share some valuable advice for our customers in Australia who aspire to create homes brimming with beauty, character, and comfort? Additionally, is there a sentiment or particular approach you personally embrace when selecting furniture for your own home that you’d like to share?

Keep it simple. By choosing good quality furniture in long-lasting materials you create the base that allows you to then begin adding more personalised pieces like paintings, posters or cherished objects or furniture that has been passed down from family or friends…


Pictured above; Getama Showroom in Copenhagen

Finally, we can’t miss asking: do you have a favourite piece from Getama’s collection? If so, could you share with us which one it is and what makes it special to you?

It must be the GE290 Plank Chair in the low version. It’s very comfortable and mixes easily with other furniture.