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PP68 Chair

Hans J. Wegner 1987

In 1987, at the age of 73, Hans J. Wegner designed his final chair.

Guided by a lifetime’s experience designing furniture, he was determined to let this design be led by all he had learned in his long glorious career. The pp58/pp68 is a practical, genuinely comfortable, strong, and durable chair. Unlike many of Wegner’s more elaborate models, it is reduced to its essentials – the short armrests are designed to partially fit under a table and hang from the table top to make cleaning easier.

Concluding the line of round back arm chairs that Wegner evolved through four decades based on ideas of good craftsmanship and proper ergonomics, the pp58/pp68 is a generational piece of craftsmanship, made to last and be passed down through generations, constituting the core philosophy of both ecological and economical sustainability.


Hans J. Wegner

Hans J. Wegner is considered one of the greatest furniture designers of the 20th century, creating more than 1000 designs throughout his career. Wegner’s designs have often been described as ‘iconic’, ‘timeless’ and ‘free from passing trends’.


"Imagine if you could design just one good chair in your lifetime - but that simply cannot be done."

hans j. wegner


All designs at PP Møbler are made to order, and their mission is to create beautiful furniture that will be enjoyed and treasured for generations.