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ND82 Sofa

Nanna Ditzel 1952

ND82 is a timeless Danish Modern classic.

Designed in 1952, it still turns heads today. Its clean lines and small scale make the ND82 Sofa a very versatile piece in foyers, studies, living rooms or bedrooms. This Nanna Ditzel sofa is available in walnut, ash and oak frames. With its soft lines and stripped-back Scandinavian aesthetic, the ND82 can be found in the Western Foyer of the Sydney Opera House, originally designed by fellow Dane, architect Jørn Utzon. Various fabric and leather upholstery options available upon request.


Nanna Ditzel

Known for her keen interest in materiality and an experimental approach, Ditzel — who often worked together with Jørgen — remains one of the most prolific creative minds of the Scandinavian mid-century movement, with countless innovative designs to her name.


Nanna Ditzel’s collaboration with Getama Furniture yielded several remarkable designs, including the ‘Ring’ chair, the ‘Vita’ sofa. With an innate ability to seamlessly blend form and function, Ditzel revolutionised the field of modern furniture design, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.