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Mondial Sofa

Nanna Ditzel 2000

Designed by Nanna Ditzel in 2000, the Mondial easy chair and sofa are characterised by subtle feminine lines.

Mondial is conceived as an elegant modern design with an appeal to timelessness. The basic element consists of a simple curved shape, which gives the furniture its organic expression. The expression that is so typical of Nanna Ditzel’s design, and once again means that the furniture can withstand being viewed from all sides. When Nanna Ditzel and GETAMA decided to relaunch the Mondial series in 2000, the furniture was further developed so that it became smaller in size and thus better suited to the Danish homes of the time.


Nanna Ditzel


Nanna Ditzel’s collaboration with Getama Furniture yielded several remarkable designs, including the ‘Ring’ chair, the ‘Vita’ sofa. With an innate ability to seamlessly blend form and function, Ditzel revolutionised the field of modern furniture design, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.