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Hobo Pendant

Gustaf Nordenskiöld 2015

The name of Swedish manufacturer Örsjö’s Hobo pendant refers to the drifters who used to sleep in the warmth of glass blowing furnaces and make curious objects from bent metal wire.

Designed by Gustaf Nordenskiöld, Hobo combines old handcraft traditions and features a real interplay of materials, where beautiful opal glass is blown into a brass basket. Since the brass cage only partially controls the glass, every lamp is unique, depending on how much air is blown into the glass during production. With visible bolts and heavy ropes, Hobo is characterised by its weight and details, which it highlights rather than hides.


Gustaf Nordenskiöld

Gustaf Nordenskiöld was born in Gothenburg and works in Stockholm as an artist and designer. As a product designer, he makes everyday objects in ceramics, glass, textiles, and metal. Nordenskiöld often allows the manufacturing method to become an important part of the finished work, leaving traces of the process in the object as a memory of its making.


"As a result of our craft heritage we also encourage a design process based on materiality, which allows the raw materials we use to come into their own."



Örsjö like to say that objects created by hand leave a certain indescribable sense of human touch and warmth—a link between the user and the creator that is often lost in industrial production. For that reason, the work of the hand is very important to us. Örsjö use local craftsmen for our entire product range. They weld, solder, bend, polish, paint, assemble, blow glass and carve leather in their factory or at their friends’ workshops in the region.