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Stången Coat Stand


Inspired by the classic 1800s coat hangers, Stangen was designed by Gemla Fabriker in 1952.

The strong solid bent beech, combined with the carefully balanced design, makes Stangen robust and steady even with a heavy load. Six hooks allow plenty of coats and other miscellany to be hung.



Founded in 1861, Gemla Fabrikers is Sweden’s oldest furniture manufacturer. Located in the small village of Diö among the beech forests by the river Helgeå in the region of Småland, the area is known for its curiously rich history, characterised by inventiveness as well as stubborness.


"We only work with certified beech and ash, and only the finest specimens pass our critical eyes."



After cutting and steaming the wood for between six and twelve hours, the shape of the wood comes alive, through hand bending and using custom frames. A craft requiring experience, patience and strong hands.