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Skyline Pendant

Folkform 2011

Designed in 2011 by Swedish design duo Folkform and‎ inspired by the architecture of different districts in Stockholm, Skyline evokes impressions of a city hovering in the air – a contemporary crystal chandelier, an angular, corrugated apparition, inspired by a futuristic cityscape.

“We saw it as abstract satellite cities floating above the dinner table, and called the first models Farsta and Husby” (two suburbs close to Stockholm), says Anna Holmquist, who together with Chandra Ahlsell, forms the design duo Folkform. Emitting an interesting geometric pattern of light, the brass is purposefully untreated to allow it to acquire a beautiful patina with age.



Most designers turn their nose up at chipboard, synthetic leather and fake marble. But Stockholm-based industrial design duo FOLKFORM like to challenge our pre-conceptions of what we consider valuable.


"We’re interested in the hierarchies that we bestow on materials"

Anna Holmquist


Örsjö like to say that objects created by hand leave a certain indescribable sense of human touch and warmth—a link between the user and the creator that is often lost in industrial production. For that reason, the work of the hand is very important to us. Örsjö use local craftsmen for our entire product range. They weld, solder, bend, polish, paint, assemble, blow glass and carve leather in their factory or at their friends’ workshops in the region.