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This versatile carafe can hold both liquid and foliage.

The Pony carafe was developed exclusively for the Save the Children Foundation. The carafe is hand-blown by the glassblowers at Skruf’s glass factory, which makes each vase unique. The design is clean, classic and elegant.

Summer Collection

We uncover some of our favourite moments, rituals and pieces to capture the essence of Summer.


Carina Seth Andersson

Carina Seth Andersson is a Swedish designer known for her distinctive yet purposeful glass and ceramic work. Her design process is about scaling back, finding the balance between simplicity and meaningful form to result in timeless pieces.


"It should be just as good for juice as it is for twigs."

Carina Seth Andersson


Skrufs Glasbruk is now owned and operated by the Elm family from Skruv. A place where the whole family works. All products in Skruv’s range are manufactured in the cabin in Skruv. Here, all glass is made by hand down to the smallest detail. At Skruf’s glassworks, tradition and innovation are combined with high-quality and high artistic content. Skruf, therefore, offers you solid Småland craftsmanship.