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Piruett Stool

Jonas Bohlin 2016

A modern barstool inspired by traditional Viennese café furniture.

Designed by Swedish architect Jonas Bohlin in 2016 and manufactured by Gemla, it has quickly become one of Gemla’s most appreciated pieces. Vegetable-tanned leather, hairlok and certified wool upholstery give high comfort and age gracefully.

The light design is balanced by the solid metal ring, making Piruett stable, while the solid bent beech frame ensures high durability.


Jonas Bohlin

Jonas Bohlin revolutionized the Swedish furniture industry at the beginning of the 80s. Today he is one of the most appreciated Swedish designers and interior architects.



After cutting and steaming the wood for between six and twelve hours, the shape of the wood comes alive, through hand bending and using custom frames. A craft requiring experience, patience and strong hands.