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Mallow Lounge Sofa

Labofa 2020

Stockholm-based Note Design Studio has collaborated with Labofa to design the Mallow lounge family.

The Mallow series consists of a 2-seater sofa, a small lounge chair, a large lounge chair, a footstool and is part of Labofa’s Contemporary Collection. Challenging traditional sofa norms in both construction and design, the sofa is formed from an arrangement of rounded shapes that resemble a plush pile of marshmallows. The Mallow prioritises comfort and indulgence. Soft and generous, the back and armrests have a satisfying ‘give’ to them as you sit, moulding to the contours of the body.


Note Design Studio

Spanning a diversity of disciplines from architecture, interiors and product design – to strategy, graphic design and art direction. Every project is elevated through a deep commitment to the integrity of it’s craft. Note Design Studio always aims to engage the senses, evoke genuine emotion, and stimulate meaningful dialogue.

"Since 1947 the Labofa name has been synonymous with the experience of sitting well."