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Lina Vase

Thomas Sandell 2023

The Lina Vase is made entirely out of lead-free crystal and blow-molded in a solid graphite form.

With a meticulously rendered cracked edge, the Lina Vase exudes a precise and polished finish. Thomas Sandell’s design philosophy thrives on an unwavering pursuit of desire and curiosity, driving innovation and shaping his distinctive style.


Thomas Sandell

Thomas Sandell’s design philosophy is rooted in an unwavering pursuit of desire and curiosity. His distinctive signature emanates from the fusion of assured forms, impeccable craftsmanship, and meticulously executed concepts. This design approach has come to define his work and legacy.


The inception of the glassblower’s pipe traces back around 2000 years to Syria, persisting as the delicate instrument through which the glassblower breathes life into molten glass, a tradition upheld at Reijmyre Glassworks. The glowing glass mass is caught from the glass oven and slowly inflated while spinning the barrel. The glass mass is then formed into almost unbelievably beautiful shapes and objects.