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Flocka Vase

Carina Seth Andersson 2023

Carina Seth Andersson has departed from traditional round shapes and crafted a distinctive square vase with a softly rounded opening. Whether displayed alone or grouped, this vase makes a striking statement.

Its versatile design accommodates both a bouquet of flowers and a single stem with equal grace. Skrufs Glassworks has a long history of producing high-quality glass, and the Flocka Vase is no exception. Each piece is unique, thanks to being hand-blown by skilled glassblowers.


Carina Seth Andersson

Carina Seth Andersson is a Swedish designer known for her distinctive yet purposeful glass and ceramic work. Her design process is about scaling back, finding the balance between simplicity and meaningful form to result in timeless pieces.

"Balance is everything, but it can’t be too perfect. For me, there has to be a little bit of something that disturbs perfection."