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Bespoke Perfume Collection

Studio Pneuma 2024

Studio Pneuma offers a limited edition bespoke 100 ml perfume bottle, formed to fit the hand in a soft and corporeal expression.

Each bottle is a unique mouth-blown glass piece produced in Denmark. The bottles are stackable before being filled with fragrance, adding a corporeal, playful expression to the collection. Studio Pneuma fragrances are crafted using only the highest quality raw materials. They meticulously select sustainable materials of natural origin and use the most innovative manufactured aromatics.


Studio Pneuma

A Scandinavian multidisciplinary luxury brand that explores the pivotal interactions between products, spaces, and our senses. Founded in 2019 by Diana Lindboe and Camilla Boccardi Christensen, Studio Pneuma’s creations are grounded in architecture and design, and led by the belief that good design creates emotional bonds between subject and object. Studio Pneuma develops beautifully expressed, high-end products that bring pleasure to those around them.