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Studio Mattias Stenberg is a mixed creative practice based in Stockholm, Sweden. Projects focus on contemporary residential architecture, furniture, lighting and everyday object design
“The studio sprung to life out of my strong desire to combine architecture and design with my background in both business development and engineering.
I believe that good concepts are the ones immediately understood and consumed by the user. This will always be the core and starting point of all our projects.
Form and materiality are the tools we use to support the idea of what the product or building will do. How it will be perceived and experienced as we first encounter it and use it. 

Form, materiality, color and detailing is also what gives the product its longevity, creating layers and texture to be found and experienced over time”
Clients include recognised brands as well as private and corporate clients. Since the start of the practice in 2010 Mattias Stenberg has received several national and international awards and mentions for his designs, including German Design Award, Good Design Award and Nordic Designer of the Year.

“If my work is percieved as trendy by someone, it ́s purely by lucky coincidence. The ambition is, however, always to make it relevant to the user and appropriate to the brand values of my partners”/ Mattias Stenberg