An Evening With Kai Kristiansen

Danish design icon, Kai Kristiansen unveiled his Entre collection at both our Melbourne and Sydney showrooms last week. 

A master from the mid-century Danish design movement, Kai is one of the most influential designers we have the pleasure of representing at Great Dane and his pieces have always been some of the most sought-after from the period at Great Dane. We have known Kai personally for many years, always catching up when in Scandinavia. It was a pleasure to show him around our part of the world and introduce him to his many Australian admirers.  

Born in Denmark in 1929, Kristiansen displayed an early love for woodwork and trained in cabinetry. Like many of his contemporaries, Kristiansen’s passion for architecture and design is lifelong and timeless – just like his work. We at Great Dane feel very lucky to be able to sit with Kai, a gentle soul and a true artist, to talk of our passions - furniture and design.

Over the last four years that we have had the pleasure of collaborating with him, his design and thinking process continue to impress. There is a sense of balance and harmony to the Entré range that is uniquely his. Engineered with a signature mathematical style, the Entré range has a limitless potential for design. Kristiansen estimates that eventually by adding and subtracting design elements and dimensions there could be between 100-200 unique styles. The varying dimensions open the range up to rooms other than the entrance hallway. Entré's simplicity in form, function and absolute appeal to the eye is a classic example of his work.

“I chose the range for a number of reasons – I love the perfect proportions, sense of balance, considered design and timeless appeal,” says Great Dane Founder Anton Assaad. “I feel the designs have a strong harmonious element which greatly reflects the pared-back nature of Kai’s Scandinavian design values. The Entré range is beautifully subtle, understated and as charming as Kai himself.” With a career spanning more than 60 years, his humble attitude, dedication and understated style inspires us and is truly at the heart of Great Dane.

In conversation with design journalist Nicky Lobo Kai Kristiansen shared with us his passion for using timber as intelligently and as kindly as possible. In an era of fast-moving trends and fashions, it was his humbling and important message to "look after our timber" that rang most true. 

Thank you to everyone who participated in this special evening.

The Kai Kristiansen Entré range is a worldwide exclusive to Great Dane.


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