Does everything come from Denmark?
If it's not Denmark its another country within Scandinavia.

Does Great Dane stock just furniture?

At Great Dane, our passion for Scandinavian design extends beyond furniture to incorporate a broad range of classic furnishings, lighting, fittings, linens, homewares and toys. See More Here.

How can I find prices & product specifications?
Contact your nearest showroom (here) for prices & product specifications. The price of each piece varies however we can provide a basic white price on all items.

How long does it take for me to get my furniture after purchase?
This depends on what you purchase.. If you are ordering from one our partners in Denmark, it can take up to 12 weeks. Speak to your nearest showroom for delivery dates.

Do I get to select my own fabric?
In most cases you can select your own fabric with the assistance of our staff.

Will this furniture go with contemporary furniture?
The simplicity and subtlety of Danish furniture allows it to sit comfortably with a wide range of other furniture styles. Vintage Danish furniture can be well placed with contemporary furniture.

Great Dane furniture is selected to look good in contemporary interiors. One strong Scandinavian piece in a minimal interior can provide a focal point and can add an element of warmth to a room largely comprising harder and colder elements such as glass, chrome, concrete, moulded plastic etc

Will this furniture go with antique furniture?
Scandinavian furniture can compliment a room containing antique or older furniture such as Georgian, Shaker, colonial and deco. The move to modernism in Scandinavia was a gentler process than in many other countries and the traditional influences of preceding generations of furniture makers is evident in many of the earlier designs. Wegner’s Peacock chair is a good example of a chair which represents a transition from older to more modern styles.

Also, Timbers used in Danish furniture relate well to other furniture types: oak relates to pine, ash and myrtle. Rosewood relates well to mahoganies, walnuts and fruitwoods. Read all about our favourite timbers here.

Will this furniture hold its value?
Classic Scandinavian furniture should hold its value when compared to contemporary furniture, which can depreciate significantly on purchase, and for which resale is often difficult.

For the serious collector the relative availability of high-quality furniture from highly-regarded designers makes collecting a rewarding past time. With relative ease, collectors can purchase original pieces designed by furniture makers who are acknowledged to be important contributors to the history of mid twentieth century interior design: Hans Wegner, Finn Juhl, Peter Hvidt, Ole Wanscher et al.

Apart from some obvious examples like Series 7 chairs, Y chairs and Swan chairs, Scandinavian furniture has not been degraded by the mass reproduction of “iconic” furniture classics in the same way as much of the Italian and American furniture.

How do I look after it when I get it home?

Always start by using the mildest cleaning agent, i.e. demineralised or cold, boiled water. Never use abrasive cleaning agents such as scouring powder and metal polishes or cleaning agents that contain ammonia.

If furniture is accidentally damaged, please contact us & ask for advice.