Moller Chair #71

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Great Dane continually travels to the Møller factory to meet with the craftsmen who have dedicated their lives to quality, we love sharing the story behind the Møller craftsmen and workshop as it is a place we feel at home in. After years of gentle persuasion we can proudly say the Moller #71 in Oak is exclusive to Great Dane.

In 1944, Niels Otto Moller began his cabinetry company, where old craft traditions are still used today. Scandinavian cord seats are known for their durability – easily withstanding decades of frequent use – and the strength of this material made it a smart substitute for tires when rubber was in short supply during WWII.

What’s amazing about that history is that Danish cord is made of tightly twisted paper. Being a natural material, Danish cord is very pleasant to sit on and the way that it’s woven provides lasting comfort. Møller is still a small family-owned business and is now managed by Niels’ son, Jørgen Henrik Møller. These chairs are authentic, fully licensed products of J.L. Møller Møbelfabrik. Made in Denmark.

  • The seat is woven by hand from one continuous 425-foot-long piece of cord.
  • To make the frames, the company selects the raw wood themselves from environmentally friendly areas.
  • Machines are never used for the final polish, as these devices treat all wood the same and can’t replicate the finish that comes from polishing by hand.

Price listed refers to oak with natural papercord - $1295

Oak with black papercord - $1350
Oak with leather - $1895

Product Details

  • Width
    490 mm
  • Height
    790 mm
  • Depth
    510 mm
  • Designer
  • Year
  • Manufacturer
    J.L Moller
  • Lead time:
    16 weeks

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Traditional Danish Paper Cording

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